Director Christopher Nolan, best known for his previous blockbusters such as The Dark Knight and  The Prestige, has  apparently done it again with his latest summer film début, Inception. Already showing big numbers and high turn out,  Inception has garnered the lion share of the weekend box office numbers with a stunning 60.4 million dollar opening  weekend. With numbers like that Inception has already outstripped the summer movies that have already hit the big  screen. Barring franchise movies such as Iron Man 2, and revamped movies such as The Karate Kid, Inception has made  an incredible financial mark in the league of new ideas, which I am very glad to finally see. In a summer of less than  stellar live action movies, it is very heartening to see one finally rise up and take a step forward in a new direction, and we  are all lucky enough to go along with it.

Box office standing aside, what is this movie about one might ask. In truth that is the question everyone should be  asking as this movie is a roller coaster ride of intrigue, special effects and quite literal mind bending story  telling. Inception takes place in a world where technology has given us what could be the greatest gift or the greatest  weapon in mankind’s history, the technology to allow someone to enter the mind of anyone, through their dreams. In this  world we follow the exploits of a man and his team who are considered the best at what they do, that being stealing  information from the minds of influential people. Dom Cobb, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, leads a special team of thieves who are generally hired to extract the most private, and sometimes dangerous thoughts, memories, or information from whom ever he is being paid to steal from. The catch is, that a mind is a dangerous place when you don’t have the road map and so his services do not come cheap, or without a cost. His life of notoriety at this particular skill has also made him a high-profile thief riding high on the worlds most wanted list for the “mind games” he’s been playing at the behest of others in this newest form of corporate espionage.  His life is the work, having lost everything that he used to be with every extraction he has performed. However, one last job could turn that all around, and give him back the life he once had.

This job is not like anything he has ever done before tho, instead of going into a mind to steal, he is going there to plant an idea, an idea that could represent the perfect crime for whomever plants the seed. However, Dom Cobb and his team are getting more than they bargained for as they are being teamed up with Ariadne, played by Ellen Page of Juno fame, who is supposed to possess an incredible architectural mind, a skill highly useful when manipulating a dream world. One can only hope this is true, because it seems that there is some outside force playing against them, predicting every move they make and trying to turn the mind of a multimillion dollar oil company heir into a labyrinth of traps and illusions that could leave everyone’s mind in ruins. Can Dom Cobb successfully plant the seed of inception in this heir’s mind and find redemption and the life he once had, or will this outside enemy from Cobb’s past bring his dreams crashing down, while he is still in them?

This movie features a talented cast of actors who flesh out this incredibly written story. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, star of (500) Days of SummerKen Watanabe, best known to American viewers from his work inLetters from Iwo Jima and Memoirs of a Geisha, and Cillian Murphy ,who last teamed up with Nolan in The Dark Knight, make up just a few of the wonderful actors that help bring this strange and intrigue laden world to life.

Inception is a mind thriller in more ways than one. Christopher Nolan has created a story that demands the viewer’s attention in order to follow this particular rabbit down the rabbit hole. You may not catch everything the first time you watch it, but you will most definitely want to watch it again. Inception plants itself into the viewers mind and germinates a strong love for the movie that will keep you coming back for more, and that’s how I see it.

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